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“We were pulling out our hair, and no one could quite get our business. Northstar immediately understood our operations and were able to translate that into financial data. Northstar has run our entire financial operations for 5 years.”
Co-CEO Henry's Original

“We had no financial management or strategy, and felt lost. If you’re looking for the best company to implement self-sustaining financial systems, Northstar is it. From idea to execution, they put heart and energy into their work.”
Kaiya Bercow

“As a fractional CFO, I rely on Northstar for scalable and comprehensive accounting support. Their attentive service and integral team role make them an ideal one-stop solution for all accounting and finance needs.”
CEO of Nova, former CFO of Cloud Cannabis

"Facing an audit, we did not know who to turn to. Northstar was instrumental in creating procedures for our financials, and did so with great accuracy, proficiency and clarity. We also gained invaluable useful strategic insights."

“Finding an all-in-one accounting team that would treat us like their only client was a challenge. Northstar dove head first into difficult tasks with a positive attitude and sincerity, which is humbling and rare in this industry.”

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Frequently Asked Question

Northstar Financial Consulting Group provides a full range of financial services designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Our offerings include part-time CFO services, comprehensive accounting, strategic tax planning, and bespoke financial consulting. Our mission is to deliver top-tier financial support, equipping your business with the strategic insights and financial acumen necessary for success.
Engaging with our Fractional CFO service grants you the wisdom and experience of a seasoned Chief Financial Officer at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire. You’ll benefit from advanced financial strategies, meticulous budgeting, precise forecasting, and detailed financial reporting, all customized to your company’s unique requirements. It’s the perfect solution for businesses aiming to scale and enhance their financial management.
Indeed! Northstar is adept at assisting a diverse array of small to medium-sized businesses across multiple sectors. No matter if you’re in the early stages of your startup, experiencing growth, or an established business seeking to refine your financial strategies, our team possesses the expertise to adapt our services to meet your specific needs.
Initiating our partnership is straightforward. Contact us via our online form or by phone. We will arrange an initial consultation to delve into your business objectives and explore how our services can align with your ambitions. This initial meeting is your first step toward a customized financial strategy for your enterprise.
Northstar sets itself apart by offering premier financial support at a cost-effective rate compared to maintaining an in-house team. Our personalized approach ensures that we act as true partners in your business’s growth journey. With our team’s extensive experience, your business will gain access to a broad spectrum of financial expertise and innovative solutions.
Absolutely! Consistent communication is a cornerstone of our partnership philosophy. We provide regular updates, comprehensive reports, and strategic counsel to ensure you remain well-informed and in command of your financial decisions. Our team is always on hand to address your queries and offer the necessary guidance.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Ready to Grow Your Business?