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Elevate your tax experience, Detax with Northstar

Navigating tax season is easy with Northstar. Our Detax Package enhances the experience, making our clients’ lives better and companies stronger.


Bonus: Get any tax package and receive a Free month of Fractional CFO service $1,000 Value (4 hours)

Need a full team at the cost of one person to help you manage your finances from A-Z? Our in-house experts take your business to the next level. Learn how.

Stress-free services at (fractional) scale

No worries, no stress–just seamless growth with a fractional model that scales up or down with your needs. Make Northstar your financial cheat-code to navigate the cannabis industry.

280E experts

With an all-star team of 280E pros, tax filing is easy. Our year-round tax support guarantees missed deadlines are a thing of the past.

Your best return ever

An all-star team means expert tax season guidance. Northstar's bookkeeping and tax services ensure every possible deduction.

Every detail, compliantly managed

It's all in the details. Remain audit and investor ready at a fraction of the cost of an in-house team.

Save money, improve profitability

Reach the highest valuation possible with an experienced team of CPAs and CFOs hyper-focused on your success. From managing your finances to coming up with ideas on how to solve your unique challenges, cannabis companies save money and improve profitability with Northstar.

Wondering how the Detax Package will save your company money and improve its profitability? Northstar is the ultimate financial solution for cannabis companies–minimizing liabilities and maximizing deductions as much as possible.

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No downsides, no extra risk

Assume no additional risk since it’s a fractional service and you can use it as needed. No employees, no contracts, no payroll–just a dedicated team of professionals and one detailed bill.

Think your cannabis company will benefit from having a fractional team working on its finances year-round? Northstar is the ultimate financial solution for cannabis companies–minimizing liabilities and maximizing deductions as much as possible.

Introducing Northstar

As America’s leading financial services firm for cannabis businesses, Northstar is the fully-integrated financial partner hundreds of cannabis growers, manufacturers, distributers, and retailers choose for growth-focused financial services.


Tested and proven results with over 200 cannabis clients

Sasan Salek, CEO, Okitoki

“Determined. Focused. Team-players. They dove head first into difficult tasks with a positive attitude and sincerity, which is humbling and often rare in this industry and line of work.”

Joshua Keats, Co-CEO, Henry's Original

“Northstar understands cannabis. They immediately understood our operations and were able to translate that into financial data.”
AJ Owen
AJ OwenCEO, Big Rock Farms
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"Northstar was instrumental in creating procedures for our financials, and did so with great accuracy, proficiency and clarity. We received clear analytical reporting that helped us gain invaluable strategic insights and better understand the bottom line"
Tyson McDonald
Tyson McDonaldCEO of Nova, Former CFO of Cloud Cannabis
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“As a fractional CFO, I always need to scale up my services and ensure my clients have the proper accounting supporting them. Northstar has excelled in supporting us in every front, there whenever you need them, been extremely attentive to me and my clients, and an amazing part of the team. I recommend Northstar is your one-stop shop for anything accounting and finance.”
Alex Lidow
Alex LidowCEO, Efficient Power Conversion
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“If you’re looking for the best company to both strategize and implement self-sustaining financial systems, Northstar is it. From idea to execution, they put heart and energy into their work.”

Our Clients

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Tax and bookkeeping stress melts away with Northstar. Reach new highs with your Detax Package now.

Partner with an expert tax team to elevate your operation

Tax time in cannabis is tedious. The good news? We handle everything on your behalf. We call it the Detax Package, and it’s the tax detox you deserve this tax season.

Like having an in-house team of CPAs, only better

The Detax Package takes a granular look at your finances and optimizes them for maximum deductions and minimal payouts.

Here’s what’s included:

Your Detax Package is available now. We’ll check your business’s finances, minimize its liability, and more. Get your Detax Package today.