By leveraging our experience in the technology space, we’ll partner with you to institute pivotal financial functions that will establish long-term growth year after year.

Technology Industry Challenges

From setting up financial controls and processes, to managing investor reporting and capital constraints, tech companies face many challenges when it comes to reliable and consistent business operations. 

Our team understands the industry inside and out. Northstar will be your ultimate resource, whether you’re in need of assistance with managing cash flow, setting up processes, concise reporting, fundraising or anything in between.

Get Impressive Results With Northstar’s Solutions

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Financial & Operational


Fast-growth tech companies often lack a robust financial team to adequately meet business reporting needs.

Our solution:

Provide monthly and quarterly reports to track financial status and give an operational overview.

Forecasting, Budgeting & Cash-Flow Management


Cash is king, yet often businesses aren’t operating with a robust-enough budget and are unable to foresee future cash requirements. 

Our solution:

Create a detailed bottom-up forecast with budgets to track cash and analyze potential savings for improving cash-flow.

Financial Controls & Processes


As companies grow, lack of accounting and financial infrastructure can create audit, investor, valuation, and cash flow issues.

Our solution:

Instate industry specific policies, controls and best-practices to ensure operational efficiencies, and audit and investor readiness.

Fundraising Support


Capturing a businesses value on paper and earning high investor valuations can be difficult, even with an exceptional product or service.

Our solution:

Create robust financial models to help companies portray benefits and ROI to potential investors and earn the highest valuation possible.

Investor Relations


Managing investors’ interests and expectations, takes a significant amount of time and resources that companies often aren’t able to allocate.

Our solution:

Ensure investors receive consistent financial and operational packages, including KPIs, metrics and future insights.

Strategic Advisory


CEO’s can hit roadblocks and seek a trusted financial expert to consult them and lend support when challenges arise.

Our solution:

With 40+ years of tech experience at all stages of growth, our team will help clarify a company’s vision and drive it to fruition.

Confidently grow your business and take it to the next level

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect with Northstar. 

Get The Big Picture

You’ll always know where your business stands, with current insights and reports you can rely on.

Increased Cash-Flow

By streamlining operations your cash-flow will naturally increase, making for larger margins and increased company value.

Operational Efficiency

Reach your business goals faster with alignment across the organization and an established direction.

Support 24 / 7

Questions, comments concerns? We’re available to take your call day or night so you never have to worry.

Peace Of Mind

Feel confident in knowing you can count on us every step of the way. Get time back to focus on the work you need to do.

No Commitments

You’re never locked into a long-term contract. We’ll work with you on your terms.

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