When to Top Cannabis Plant

January 3, 2023 Uncategorized

Wondering when to top cannabis plant flowers? You’re not alone!

When to Top Cannabis Plant
When to Top Cannabis Plant

Growing a cannabis harvest is an exciting journey, and one of the most important steps you’ll take along the way is topping your plants. Topping is a valuable technique used by many growers to ensure healthy and robust growth.

The process of topping a cannabis plant includes cutting off the main stem, just above two sets of leaves. This helps create multiple main branches on the plant, allowing your cannabis to produce more buds and yield more product.

Proper timing is key when topping a cannabis plant, and knowing when to top your plants can make or break your harvest. But when should you top your cannabis plants?

Keep reading to learn more about what to look for as you’re considering topping your plants.

Topping vs. Pruning: What Is the Difference?

It’s important to note that topping is different from pruning. Topping involves removing the main stem, while pruning refers to cutting off branches, leaves, and buds in order to make the plant more manageable.

Both topping and pruning can be beneficial to your cannabis plants, but they should be used at different points in the growth cycle. Ultimately, you’ll need to now that topping changes the plant’s natural shape. However, pruning simply involves selectively removing parts of the cannabis plant to encourage desired growth.

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When to Top Cannabis Plants

Before you start topping your cannabis plants, it’s important to understand the growth cycle of cannabis and when it’s most beneficial to top.

Generally speaking, you should wait until your cannabis plants are in the vegetative stage before topping. This is when your plants are growing new branches and leaves, and it’s the best time to begin the topping process.

At this point, your cannabis has already developed a main stem and two sets of leaves.

When you top the plant, you’re essentially cutting off the apical dominance of the main stem and allowing two new branches to form. This helps your cannabis grow bushier and more robust, and it also unlocks additional bud sites, which can boost your yield.

How to Top Cannabis Plants

Once you’ve determined that your cannabis is ready for topping, you’ll need to prepare the plant.

Start by sterilizing a pair of scissors or pruning shears with rubbing alcohol, and then remove the main stem just above two sets of leaves. Make sure to cut as close to the node as possible, and then carefully trim off any leaves or branches that may be overlapping.

Once you’ve completed the topping process, your cannabis plants should start growing multiple main branches. You’ll also see new bud sites developing, which is a sign that your topping was successful.

Keep an eye on your plants over the next few weeks, and trim off any branches or buds that may be overlapping. This will ensure that all the bud sites are exposed to light and can develop properly.

Why Is Topping Marijuana Necessary?

Topping marijuana is a crucial part of the growing process, and it can help boost your harvest in many ways. The technique unlocks additional bud sites, allowing your plants to produce more product.

Topping cannabis plants also helps create a bushier and more robust plant, which is ideal for outdoor growers. Depending on where you’re cultivating your plants, you’ll want to top them to keep them growing as you’d like.

Topping Cannabis FAQ

How late can you top a plant?

Master Growers like to top plants at two to three weeks old. However, some believe it’s best to top cannabis plants in the vegetative stage, when they’re growing new branches and leaves.

Does topping increase yield?

Yes, topping your plants can increase yield by unlocking additional bud sites. Around 90 percent of the time, you’ll get a higher yield after topping a plant than you would if you were to allow it to grow naturally.

What tools do I need to top a plant?

You’ll need a pair of sterilized scissors or pruning shears to top your cannabis plants properly. If you’re planning to top many plants, be prepared with some isopropyl alcohol to de-gunk your scissors, as well.

Should I top my plants before flowering?

Yes, it’s best to top your plants in the vegetative stage before they start flowering. This will give them time to recover and form new branches.

Closing on When to Top Cannabis Plant

Topping your cannabis plants is a great way to increase bud sites and yield. To ensure the best results, wait until your cannabis plants are in the vegetative stage before topping. This will give your plants the time they need to recover and form new branches.

With proper timing, you can maximize your harvest and enjoy a bigger, bushier crop of cannabis. Additionally, it’s important to follow basic safety protocols when topping plants by sterilizing tools before use and carefully trimming off any overlapping branches.

With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to top your cannabis like a pro! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local growing community, if you have one; they’ll have more information to guide your topping efforts!