Cannabis Business Social Network Insight for 2021

May 24, 2021 Cannabis Business, Entrepreneurs, Investors

As the cannabis industry gains more traction throughout the United States, more professionals in the space are looking to connect online. This is where the right cannabis business social network truly shines.

Even though many well-known social media networks exist, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, many cannabis professionals are exploring cannabis social networks in order to build their brand, make cannabis industry connections, and engage with customers.

With increasing legality and popularity, we’ve seen cannabis social network use grow exponentially. The cannabis industry is now a huge market with plenty of room for growth, and there are currently many networks that can help cannabusiness operators succeed at connecting to marijuana enthusiasts.

Whether you want to use a cannabis business social network to meet professionals or are interested in making personal connections with other cannabis enthusiasts, these top cannabis social networks will make the process more straightforward.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite social networks catering exclusively to cannabis business owners and other cannabis enthusiasts.

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GrassCity Forums

GrassCity Forums

As one of the first of its kind, GrassCity Forums is a good place to start. This cannabis social media network was originally created to connect cannabis cultivators.

Since its start, it’s transformed into a forum that discusses marijuana consumption methods, legalization updates, the best cannabis dispensaries in certain regions, and other cannabis industry topics.

GrassCity Forums is where you’ll find cannabis-related news, along with years worth of archives that track the evolution of cannabis world culture. It also has a dispensary directory, which enhances cannabis professional reach and cannabis enthusiasts.

WeedLife Network

WeedLife Network

Since its conception in 2013, WeedLife Network has become a massive platform for the cannabis business world. This cannabis social network consists of more than 40 websites offering a cannabis social network news feed bringing the latest from cannabusinesses.

Marijuana enthusiasts post videos and photos, and they can connect with others through the website’s discussion forums. This cannabis social media platform also has fan pages, social media marketing capabilities, and groups that let connaisseurs connect with other cannabis fans across 120 countries globally.

Even though WeedLife is mainly for weed lovers, many businesses in the cannabis industry create accounts. This is where the cannabis market hangs out, which means if you’re a business owner in this space, you should at least gain access to and create a business page on WeedLife.

Businesses can perform social media marketing for products and dispensary listing in the WeedLife directory. Posting promotions is also possible through this social media network.

Besides the various functions available, WeedLife Network is user-friendly. Since this is a mobile app, it’s easy for the cannabis community to connect and find cannabis companies, including cannabis growers and dispensaries, as they move around.



Weedable’s mission is to promote medical marijuana legalization globally by offering a platform for people passionate about cannabis. This cannabis business social network serves the innovators, the people making big moves, and, of course, cannabis users.

The most interesting aspect about Weedable is that it offers solutions for its cannabis business community. This platform is passionate about cannabis, allows cannabis companies to target weed lovers with ads, and offers advertising solutions on its social, store, and mobile app to expand reach.

This cannabis business social network offers a way for cannabusinesses to target based on practice area and location. It also provides detailed reporting to show ad performance.

Since the network has no long-term contracts or setup fees, it’s also a flexible option to boost a business’s online presence.

While Instagram and Facebook are popular for other businesses, Weedable is a highly targeted alternative that works specifically for cannabis products and other businesses operating in the cannabis industry. From dispensaries to delivery services, doctors, testing labs, and more, this platform is becoming the go-to for many professionals looking to connect with weed enthusiasts.



MassRoots is one of the most popular social networks in the cannabis industry. It was originally created to connect college students with other cannabis users. Eventually, it acquired the investor interest it needed to take the site public.

Early on, MassRoots had an obstacle to overcome; the Apple App Store removed its app. But eventually, the platform edited its application to ensure its availability for both iOS and Android users.

Unlike other social networking sites, the site is only available in states that have legalized cannabis. Despite this hindrance on its online presence, MassRoots still has acquired beyond 1 million current users.

With this popularity, dispensaries and other cannabis operations are promoting their businesses. After listing a dispensary on the site, the business operator has access to valuable customer analytics to optimize marketing and promotional efforts.

The platform’s forums also let businesses connect with users. It requests users review and rate cannabis brands and other industry products, which encourages engagement that’s unique to MassRoots.

Cannabis consumers are attracted to this social media site with an impressive rewards program that offers movie and concert tickets, festival entry passes, and other appealing rewards.



Duby got its start back when cannabis prohibition was running rampant. It quickly became a safe space for cannabis lovers to post and connect without worrying about the law.

Eventually, Duby evolved into the social platform it is today, which includes an app connecting hundreds of thousands of people who enjoy cannabis.

The app was launched in April 2015, and since then, it has had over 250,000 installs. Each day, the app processes 100,000+ likes and dislikes.

Like an Instagram-Tinder hybrid, Duby makes it easy to connect with other users and network with professionals – not to mention, score dates with cannabis lovers.

Even though this platform isn’t exclusively a business social network, it offers cannabusinesses opportunities to market their operations and connect.

Through the new Duby Explorer, the network has increased business profile views by 645% within just 4 months of being released. It combined cannabis social with lifestyle, brands, and products to offer a social media platform that brings users and businesses together while facilitating communication.

“I started Duby to invest in what is right, not right now. We are all just babies in an emerging market… a market that will someday exceed the sales of tobacco and alcohol combined.”

Russ Thomas

CEO of Duby



The LeafWire platform is a cannabis and hemp business network connecting professionals to one another. Even Montel Williams uses it!

Think of LeafWire as a LinkedIn for cannabis. This cannabis business network primarily focuses on connecting investors with cannabis businesses, which has aided in growing this massive industry.

So, if you’re a cananbusiness owner looking for an investment or an investor seeking an exciting investment opportunity, LeafWire is where you can make that happen.

In the past, it was challenging for cannabis-related businesses to attract investor interest. This was mainly because of the stigma and uncertainties surrounding the industry.

With legalization spreading throughout the US, the stigma is beginning to fade – and many investors are realizing just how much growth this industry will experience.

LeafWire is where these entities can make their connections.

Just like with LinkedIn, LeafWire is a networking platform that brings professionals together to share content, discuss trends and techniques and analyze the medical and adult-use marijuana spaces.



Whether you’re a consumer or a professional operating in the cannabis space, you’ve likely heard of WeedMaps. Even if you haven’t heard of this platform, you probably saw the company sponsor the recent Mike Tyson fight.

Looking at the site’s name, it’s easy to see the focus. The website helps cannabis consumers find local dispensaries and shops. But it’s so much more than that!

Besides incorporating WeedMaps in a cannabis SEO strategy, this platform helps cannabis businesses reach consumers. This massive online community lets dispensaries promote their products, and the platform even allows online ordering.

WeedMaps is also an impressive content producer. Between reviews of brands, strains, and other cannabis-related products, it’s easy to see what attracts users and professionals operating in cannabis to this site.

How to Promote Cannabusinesses Through a Cannabis Business Social Network

Cannabis business social networks are a unique opportunity for brands. Here’s a list of strategies you can implement on these platforms to get great results:

Create & Distribute Educational Content

Create & Distribute Educational Content

Throwing promotional content at consumers isn’t an effective marketing campaign; instead, try focusing more on creating and distributing educational content.

In a space that’s historically characterized by misinformation, it’s safe to safe that people need an education on how to choose the right products and services.

Instead of telling prospects why your operation is the best choice, show them. This way, they’ll know before they even get there.

In other words, don’t tell your audience what you’re selling – show them!

For example, if cannabis strains are the product that you offer at your cannabusiness operation, share a video of an expert explaining the different types and benefits of each strain. This will help potential customers make informed decisions before shopping while encouraging them to buy from you as an industry expert.

People want to know about news and information connected to medicinal and adult use. New cannabis users in particular want to know more about safe product consumption.

Educating your audience on various social media gives people a reason to trust and buy from you as opposed to the competition. But this also encourages them to share this information to help their friends, too. And in such a competitive space, this engagement is valuable.

Use Hashtags to Reach More Cannabis Users

Use Hashtags to Reach More Cannabis Users

Hashtags categorize posts with short labels that allow people to find social media posts regarding a specific theme or topic more easily. When you create relevant hashtags for your content, you can reach a larger organic audience that’s highly targeted.

Be careful though; the wrong hashtags can cause controversy for cannabis entrepreneurs.

Equally important to note is that if a marijuana enthusiast wants to find your cannabis brand, using the right hashtags can ensure your content is found.

For instance, if you operate a dispensary in LA, you might include #dispensaryLA, #dispensaryLosAngeles, #LAdispensary, and #LosAngelesdispensary on your posts. This will ensure that the people looking for dispensaries in LA on that social media platform will find your content.

Work with Other Professionals in the Cannabis Industry

Work with Other Professionals in the Cannabis Industry

Early on in your marketing efforts, it’s important to establish yourself as an industry leader. To do this, you’ll need to follow and engage with other brands in your niche.

For instance, if you’re an extractor, it’s a good idea to follow equipment manufacturers, solvent suppliers, and other cannabis extractors. Not only will they see your posts in their feed, but this is a great opportunity for cross-promotion.

Find Social Media Influencers as Part of Your Cannabis Business Social Network Strategy

Find Social Media Influencers as Part of Your Cannabis Business Social Network Strategy

Cannabis social media influencers can help your business get the attention of millions of consumers.

Since influencers already have a highly targeted following that trusts them, they’re the perfect people to promote your business on a cannabis business social network.

The best way to find influencers in your space is by looking on social media platforms. You can use tools like Klout or Buzzsumo for help finding these individuals as well.

Performing an influencer marketing campaign means you can work with macro-influencers, micro-influencers, or a combination of the two.

Macro-influencers are people who have over a million followers from various demographics. These individuals are perfect for raising brand awareness and encouraging conversions.

On the other hand, micro-influencers also have a place in a strategy. These influencers have 10,000 to 100,000 followers and offer personalized content on a certain subject. In this case, it’d likely be cannabis.

Micro-influencers tend to be more compelling to their followers, which means they have more potential to get followers to your site and convert.

Build a Community on Social Media

Build a Community on Social Media

Communities support each other, right? So it makes sense that by building a community, your cannacompany will get more support.

By creating a community on a cannabis social network, you’re making an online communal space for content surrounding your brand. You can invite consumers interested in comparable products, as well as businesses that might work with you without competing.

As your community expands, so does your reach!

Through this community, you’ll share educational and entertaining content. But you can also sponsor events and support charities with the support of the community you create. This enhances your brand in the eyes of your audience, which ultimately leads to more trust, more engagement, and more conversions.

As you attend cannabis-related seminars and conferences, you’ll meet others operating in the industry. Create these meaningful partnerships and invite them to join your online community. By offering them your platform, you’re encouraging them to promote your brand as they promote their own.

Stay Active on Cannabis_Social Networking Platforms

Stay Active on Cannabis Social Networking Platforms

It’s not enough just to have an Instagram account or Facebook page; you need to use them effectively! This means actively engaging with other brands and consumers on these platforms.

It’s also important that you provide valuable content on social media platforms like Facebook Groups or LinkedIn Groups related to the industry as well. This can help increase your following and engagement.

Maintaining a social media presence is important for cannabis business operators, as cannabis continues to be legal in more states every year. In order to stay competitive with other brands across the industry, it’s important that you invest time into your marketing efforts.

The Power of Cannabis Business Social Networks in 2021

As the cannabis industry continues its expansion, we’ll continue to see advancements and innovations. But in-person connections aren’t the end-all-be-all for cannabis professionals. Businesses operating in this space need to become more involved in the digital world of social media.

Whether connecting with professionals or marketing to consumers, cannabis business social networks have a lot to offer. The right platform paired with social media marketing can produce valuable engagement that will grow your brand.

The industry needs more educational content. While promotional messages have a place in cannabis, you’ll reach more people and find positive results when you have free value to offer, whether you’re connecting with other cannabis businesses or consumers in the space.

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